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  2. my mama always said the devil had blue eyes. i have never even kissed a dude with blue eyes because i am so scared of them.


  3. he doesn’t wash his hair, he only conditions…we talked about this the first night we met. he makes me breakfast when i stay the night.


  4. this dude is kind of chubby and old and a nerd…but i am falling so hard.

  5. when i was little we used to always fly into st. louis to visit my family in pickneyville in illinois.  this was the first time i saw the city we went to on teevee.  i thought this was the coolest video ever.  it reminded me of my dads family.  totally different from growing up chican@ in new mexico.

  6. my fucking valley.

  8. pop up map of westeros.

  9. best breakfast.

  10. so much bud lighhhhhhhht.